My time as a strong black woman


First and foremost I have to admit that I am a male, who also worked on the biggest call center in mexico, and had just watched Heart and Souls.

Anyway there I am taking calls for tech support for a fiber optic provider (phone, internet, video) for the american midwest to east coast.
This gentleman calls me from Virginia stating all services were down, nothing out of the ordinary, but in his particular case was a known area outage, there is no action I can take or technician I could send to fix this mans issue.

This man proceeds to verbally abuse me to no end, I being a profesional took it trying to help him, then out of his mouth comes the magic words “I need to speak to a manager that can get my shit fixed today”.

Of course I say, and summon my IHD(Internal Help Desk, which were normal agents but had to take manager calls) well all of them were unavailable and the real manager was too hungover to take the call.

So I place the call on hold after telling the customer he is getting transfered to my manager. I wait 1 minute 58 seconds to pick up the call again (I did this because placing a customer on hold for 2 minutes would have gotten me flagged for QA).

In a moment of caffeine and rage fueled moment, the phone was answered by I Shaquiala Johnson(a charming, yet take no shit from no one woman) which tripped this mans aggression momentum.

“This is hr0190s manager Shaquiala Johnson how may I assist you today”

Mr customer proceeds to tell my manager(me) that not only was the agent incompetent but also extremely rude to him.

Ms Shaquila proceeds to let him know that the information that was provided by the agent was correct (issue was an outage in the area and cant be fixed by a technician visit) and as explained before unfortunately will be fixed when it gets fixed (not saying we dont care, usually gets fixed between 1-3 days) which on the previous 5 calls he made was told.

So at this point this toxic excuse of a man decides to go full KKK, yelling explicative after explicative from racial to sexist remark to who he thinks is a black woman.

Now its on, this will not stand, so what she(me) says “You don’t talk to me like that, I am a mother”.

Apparently this pathetic male had never been challenged, proceeds to apologize, and state that he will wait until his services come up again. Very sheepishly says he is sorry and hangs up the call.

So what I learned that day from Robert Downey Jr is that no one has the balls to go toe to toe with a southern black woman.

Shaquaila from then on out became my manager, and my NPS did not drop out of 96% for the last year of my call center carrer


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