LeT mE sPeAk To YoUr SuPeRvIsOr


OK, so it’s 8:30 in the morning it is an hour into my overtime shift, I knew this guy was going to be a fucking difficult ass customer the moment he called in.

So the guy calls in wanting to get an off cycle escrow analysis on a loan that’s not even a year old. Which and mortgage are not able to do. His analysis is a literally going to be done in May and I’ve told him this multiple times he then got very argumentative saying it’s my money I can do whatever I want with it I can run whatever escrow analysis is I want.

I responded with yes I know it’s your money. However, you can only have an escrow analysis ran off cycle if you have a very substantial change to your taxes or insurance he said well how the hell are you supposed to know? I don’t have a change if my escrow analysis isn’t being run why are you telling me no.

I explained for a third time you cannot have an escrow analysis completed on an account that is going to get an escrow analysis literally a month later it will mess up the schedule of your escrow analysis you get one per year based on taxes and insurance, off cycle analysises will cause an issue.

The man that continued to argue with me, getting more and more angry until he finally asked for a supervisor I spoke to my supervisor and my supervisor agreed with me that our supervisor team is just going to tell him the exact same fucking thing, but now I have to deal with the recommendation for transferring him over to a supervisor because now it looks like I can’t handle my calls All because this guy is a fucking Idiot.


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lEt Me TaLk To A sUpErViSoR pt 2

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