lEt Me TaLk To A sUpErViSoR pt 2


So to preface this I woke up today very very cranky and in no mood to deal with shitty people today. As such I nearly told a customer to go shove his supervisor request up his ass. Ok. Here we go.

As y’all know my company reprimands you for the amount of supervisor calls you get. Since it’s your job to De-escalate the calls. So this guy will be my second transfer in two days and that makes me look bad. I tried to handle it myself telling him I spoke to my supervisor and yeah he wasn’t having it.

So why is this fucker calling in?
We had the wrong address listed for his property, we put in a request to verify the property and he didn’t like the way we were doing it.

He wanted us to not contact his county clerks office and instead he wanted us to just take his word for it and do it ourselves (haha like we actually have permissions to change your legal address)

I explained to him we would contact them yes, but we would also look at public record, street names, property location, mapping locations etc. and I told him I verified with my supervisor and she agreed.

He asked me for a supervisor 5 times during this call. Once at the beginning when I told him I need to assist him first, he yelled at me for saying that and said I’m being argumentative and not listening.

I knew I’d get push back from my supervisor so I told them the situation and my supervisor argued with me not allowing me to transfer the call after I told her 3 times he won’t speak to me any longer.

The guy told me since I was speaking to my supervisor directly I can transfer him to her, and when I told him I cannot do that as my supervisor supervises a team she doesn’t answer calls he screamed at me to just get him a fucking supervisor.

I placed him on hold for 5 minutes to argue with my supervisor and instead he hung up.

God I fucking hate people


What do you think?

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Why do customers expect us to treat them with respect when they can’t treat us with respect?

LeT mE sPeAk To YoUr SuPeRvIsOr