Cancelled an order today and it felt soooo good


CX calling in wanting a price match. Failed to realize her current price is already matching that because she called in a price match to another website that had it that low.

She also wanted to price match a second part of her order which would amount to like $30 in savings.

These are a part of a special deal and by policy I can only get her these savings by canceling and re ordering. ( This is policy not my choice and I’m not losing my job or getting a write up over someone else’s comfort.)

She stopped and started the cancellation process multiple times having me confirm details.

When ever I attempted to protest and tell her what was about to happen she stopped me and was generally rude so at some point my protests were less vehement.

Finally get the approval to cancel with my finger in the trigger no turning back now.

Then Something glorious happened! A new thing I never knew.

I couldn’t process the return I can only cancel and send her to a store.

And since this is an expensive order the money was already paid and her money is tied up in limbo until she process in store and waits the 3-5 business days.

And then after several explicit remarks I also let her know she did all this likely lost her delivery date ( and maybe the sale) for the savings of $30. ( I shared this in a CX service way. “You can get that processed in store, but while you still have me to make sure we get the savings I can help you with the purchase over the phone to make sure we get the special buys the total looks like it will be x which is about $30 less than your last order and we can get this delivered on DAY which is only a couple days later than your original delivery.”)

As any pissed off human would do she asked for a manager. To which I replied of course. ( She was not happy with me being happy to transfer her but what they gonna do reverse a cancellation? Nope.)

So kiddos perhaps give the agent a moment to speak and listen to what they have to say rather than preparing to fight, interrupt, and jump on every word. Less you end up a cautionary tale on Reddit.


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