Why can’t people be prepared when they call?


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So I work for a train company making reservations. And had someone call in wanting to change their reservation but had zero information for me to pull it up.

Me: *greeting play*

C: yes I would like to change my travel date

I already put her phone number in in out customer database to see if it pulls up anything and nothing came up

Me: ok do you have your reservation number

C: unfortunately no I accidentally deleted the email

Me: ok that’s fine I can look you up on the manifest where where you traveling between and the date

C: I forgot can you look it up by something else

Me: I can try but it’s less accurate what’s your email that the ticket was sent to

C: I don’t have a email

Me: ok what’s your first and last name

C: jane doe (super common name)

Me: I’m sorry but I have 150+ (out system caps at 150 results) is there anything else you can give me like a credit card number

(We can look up by cc numbers we don’t like doing it)

C: I paid cash

Me: well I’m sorry I can’t find it any other why if you paid cash you would have had to go to a station to pay where did you go

C: Denver but I I wasn’t leaving from Denver and I forget where I was leaving from but I know I’m going to California

Me: do you know where in California

C: no

Me: I’m sorry I can’t help you without more information

C: *starts melting down worst than Chernobyl*

Me: ma’am, if you don’t stop cursing I’m going to disconnect the call

C: *doesn’t stop*

Me: have a nice day ma’am


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