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working at a call center job , which I’ve always work in customer service , but now that I’m literally always on phones and I just feel like it’s so sad how rude people are. They just come on the phone extremely rude , demanding , and just so negative. I understand at times it may be the company fault but why approach someone with such rudeness when YOUR the one who NEED HELP.

I just find it so disturbing , like grow up , go heal figure this shit out! You never know what someone is going through and being negative does nothing.

It cost nothing to be respectful ! It’s free, no money out you pockets.

If you are a customers who’s always rude and negative , take a look and think would you want to be treated like that ?

Don’t treat people how you don’t want to be treated , once us agents match your tone now we in the wrong.. weirdos ( my opinion )

What’s yours ?


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