Grown Woman Doesn’t Know How Direct Deposits Work


I work for a bank call center and I take escalated calls from tier 1 bankers. Basically, if the customer asks to speak to a supervisor, they get me.

Customer One escalates because the first banker denied the customer’s request to waive overdraft fees. Now, we recently changed our overdraft fee policy to drastically reduce the fee amount, the number of times you can be charged the fee per day, etc. Because of that, we are a lot more strict about how many overdraft fees we will waive for a customer. I explain this to her and advise we waived a fee for you last month, so I can waive one more fee but that is all we can do.

Then customer’s wife (Customer Two) who is joint on the account, grabs the phone and says she doesn’t want to bank with us anymore.

Customer Two: I don’t want to deal with your bank anymore. How do I change where my direct deposit goes- do I have to notify Bank or do I have to contact Social Security to get it changed to a different bank?

Me: Ms. Customer, the direct deposit is set up through Social Security so you will want to open a new account, then call Social Security and provide them with the new routing and account number that they can send your deposit to. Once the direct deposit is switched and your account is brought to zero balance with no pending items, you can close your account to end your relationship with us.

Customer Two: No, no, no, the account can’t be closed because my wife is still going to use it. I just want to be taken off it.

Me: The only way to remove your name from the account is to close it and have your wife open an individual account.

Customer Two: But Social Security says I can change my direct deposit to another account at any time! You are lying!

Me: Ms. Customer, Social Security can help you change where your direct deposit is going but they are not your bank. Removing your direct deposit from the account doesn’t end your relationship with us. Closing the account will.

Customer Two: You’re lying to me. I am going to call the banking commission about this. -Click

Have fun with that one, ma’am.


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