A cx called in saying he was stuck in a wedgie and that he desperately needed help getting out of it


I take calls for a certain clothing website. Not too long ago I had a cx who called in saying that he got in a fight with his older brother, who beat him up and then put him in a wedgie, and that he was calling to find out how to get out of it (the underwear he was wearing was our brand).

He started describing it in more detail, saying that it wasn’t just a normal wedgie, but that it was an atomic wedgie so his underwear went over his head which left him stuck and in pain. I was trying so hard not to laugh at this point but luckily he ended the call by screaming at someone in the background (probably his brother).

I’ve spoken to and have heard a bunch of weird calls but this one makes me laugh every time I think about it. Thank you wedgie guy for making the day easier, I hope you got out of it.


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I am unhelpful for not recording the whole website?!

I hate all the cxs