being abusive to CSX people because YOUUU subscribed to something and forgot to cancel it is insane


I can’t even tell you how many people called in to my call center job absolutely raging over a forgotten subscription charge. I’ve heard it all. “I canceled that yesterday!” Yes… and the charge occurred … yesterday. Cancelling the subscription doesn’t mean you’re getting a refund … like I felt crazy having to explain shit that simple to people. You just paid for the month and cancelled for the next billing cycle, it’s not rocket science. Half the time when they claimed to have already cancelled they didn’t even try. Like why lie buddy? I can see *all* your information and data. There is no lying.

They’d also claim they never even signed up for it quite often. They acted like it was simply not possible that they did and just forgot. So okay, you didn’t subscribe to the app on your phone … who did then? A ghost? Oh right, the authorization would need to use Face ID… so yeah no one else but you, dumb ass. Or better yet – “I deleted the app why did i still get charged?!” Pardon?? You deleted the application, not the subscription. That’s like throwing away your TV and expecting your cable company to stop service automatically.

On occasion I’d get a customer who’s been charged *several times*, like 6 months+, for a subscription on their old account that they never cancelled. I’d have to explain that simply getting rid of the old phone does not, by any means, cancel the subscriptions you purchased on that phone. And you can’t get a refund after 60 days. Boy was this fun to explain to people. Yeah no, you not noticing a recurring charge on YOUR bank account for almost a year is seriously no one’s fault but your own.

Bottom line is you can get a refund very easily if you just ask. You don’t even need to contact support, there’s a way to request it yourself on the website. But the fact that refunds could take 3-28 days was a whole other issue. “I need this money now!! I’m broke!! I over drafted!!!” Okay, pay attention to the things you’re signing up for if you don’t even have $10 in your checking account. Seriously why is it the people who do not have the money to be playing around with are always the ones playing around with their money? How is it MY fault or my company’s fault that YOU don’t pay attention to your shit?? I don’t control the banks processing times and neither does anyone else at my company.

I know I sound unsympathetic but after dozens of callers being outright abusive about it, I don’t care anymore. You’re the idiot that signed up for something without reading the fine print. There are very few subscriptions in existence that aren’t auto renewal automatically. Like use your sense.


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