A Compilation of Sarcastic Responses by Yours Truly


There comes a point for some people where they get so fed up with customers that they stop caring anymore. I have reached that point recently. Problem for them is, I’m an Agent in Charge. I’m your overnight supervisor if you choose to complain. So, here is a compilation of some of my interactions between me and callers. Important context, I work in hotel reservations.


“Do you work for Hotel Chain Name?”
“Sure do, that’s why I’m on this line.”


“Can you transfer me to the hotel?”
“Unfortunately I cannot.”
“Why not?”
“It’s against policy.”
“And why’s that?”
“Don’t know.”
“And you never asked why?”
“I don’t get paid to ask why.”
“Can I speak to another representative?”


\*This call took place at 1:00 AM\*
“Hello this is JuliusNova, how can I help you?”
“Hi, how are you doing tonight?”
“Doing alright.”
“Working hard?”
“Sure thing.”
“How’s the weather?”


“I ran into a glitch, I’m trying to book a stay through the wedding website but the rep I talked to earlier said the hotel was closed until June. Is that normal? Are they holding an event or something?”
“Like a wedding?”


“I need you to come to my room and kill this roach!”
(I’m in my crappy apartment thousands of miles away): “I have one too, maybe they can be friends. Anything else I can help with?”


Sitting at home, listening to an agent blab on about a prank caller that they should have just sent an email report about.
“And then he told me to blah blah blah and–”
\*Outside my apartment and I mean OUTSIDE my apartment, BLAM… BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM, about 10 gunshots\*
“– and he told me to take off my shoes –”
“Uh, yeah, call you right back, I’m going through a tunnel.”
\*Hang up the line and I leave to lock my door\*


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