Tips for surviving a toxic workplace?

I’ve found myself in a position where my supervisor has suddenly decided they have a problem with me and my work environment has become extremely toxic and unhealthy. After submitting some PTO request and bringing up some concerns I have my supervisor went from being very friendly to cold and critical.

Even though I regularly meet and exceed metrics and qualify for our bonuses it’s never enough. We are constantly criticized and micromanaged for our calls relentlessly. I disconnected a call last week when a caller was using an offensive sexual term (older man and I’m a woman) so I warned him once then I disconnected. Well he called back and complained and I got in trouble and my supervisor said he didn’t do anything wrong and I felt like she was gaslighting me.

Long story short I know I need a new job but I’m not in a position to quit and I have a feeling she is going to make my life miserable until I am forced to quit so if anyone has any tips or feedback I’d appreciate it.

What do you think?

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