I’m starting to have mixed feelings about my job

I have been at my my job for almost five months now. I like it and I show up and get along well with my managers and coworkers. Lately we have added a new skill to our system that we did not get any training on and it started two weeks ago. Callers are frustrated because they are older and it is their money that is being dealt with. I came along one caller that stated the incompetency she has come across lately has been crazy. We have had some system maintenance for this new skill set. About 10 or 15 of us do this new skill as well. I have been asking a lot of questions because we did not get trained properly and people are starting to hire attorneys against the current client I work for. I can understand the callers frustration. My job doesn’t have a lot of calls and it’s usually pretty laid back, but we have to maintain a 97% adherence along 97% for QA which is even harder now to maintain since we started a new skill set. I know it is all new and the kinks have to get worked out, but it seems like the pressure is starting to build. I’m starting to just do the best I can. My adherence hasn’t been the best, but my average handle time is doing great. They are offering overtime all week and I am willing to take it, but what would you guys do about this job just stick it out or start looking elsewhere?

Edit at 244pm CST- we will be adding ANOTHER skill set as of today. This is crazy!

What do you think?

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