“Will my bill be prorated!?” “We don’t employ psychics”

Hello all! I had this lovely call this morning. Enjoy!


M “thank you for calling the place I work, my name is abblejacks, how can I help you?”

C “hi, my installation appointment had to be rescheduled because of manpower issues and I was wanting to know if my November bill will be prorated.”

M (verifies account) “I’m so sorry that happened, ma’am. I’d be happy to take a look. You said this was an install?”

C “yes.”

M “okay, so if you don’t have active services right now you don’t have a November bill yet so no, you will not be charged for time you don’t have active services. Your billing will start the day we install services.

C “you didn’t answer my question”

Cue 6 or 7 minutes of her asking the same question and me trying to word In a way she understands…

And then giving up.

M “I’m sorry ma’am, so no, we won’t be prorating your first months bill because your billing hasn’t started yet. It will begin the day your services are activated”

C “what are my billing cycle dates?”

M “well, that would depend entirely on when the services are installed for you. The billing would start the day services are installed and the cycle runs for 30 days after that date. So if you are installed on the 8th your billing cycle will run from the 8th of One month to the 7th of the next.”

C “why won’t you answer my questions!? Why are you just running me around?”

Another few minutes of the same repeat question and answer.

M “ma’am, I’m answering your questions.”

C “DONT argue with the customer.”

She then proceeded to finally allow me to reschedule her appointment and demand a sup when I couldn’t 100% guarantee no techs will get sick or hurt and cause an power issues on the 29th of this month.


What do you think?

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