Some customers get stuck in their own endless loop


I work in a call center for a utility company occasionally I’ll get a call about a specific issue from more often than not an elderly person. Typically it comes down to paying their bills. Customer calls in to complain that we sent them a disconnection notice or a bill that shows they’re late.

They are automatically angry because they claim they already paid the bill. When I inquire about it they claim they sent in a check to pay it. That method of payment is fine though it’s the method of payment that takes the longest to reach us. Typically due to its at the whim and mercy of the postal service to have it delivered. Therefore sometimes it arrives after we already sent out the next bill, weeks after they sent us the check.

I have to explain to the customers that this is what happens. They then complain further that it isn’t fair or we shouldn’t threaten to shut off the power due to this. I further go into detail saying we can’t know for sure the bill is paid until we receive the payment unfortunately. Even if you claim it is in transit. Afterward I give the options of other payment methods such as calling in a payment, going online to do so, or even going to a local payment center. Each option would post the payment on the same day they pay it.

And of course they decline because “I’ve always paid my bills with a check. Besides, most pay stations charge a fee.”

Knowing that’s gonna be the response I still offer it. We just have to keep on trucking and they’ll call in the next month to complain about the same thing. Always stuck in the same pattern of behavior. I think many people just like to have something to complain about. I just wish I could tell people that they should know how this works then If they’ve always paid with a check. This can’t be the first time this has happened.


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