New-ish to the job, strangest thing that’s happened so far

I started working for this call center on December last year so I’d say I’m still kinda new to it. I’ve got a couple stories of some weird calls, but this one is the strangest so far.

So a while ago, I was on a call with a client while two of my coworkers gossiped by my side. We use Podium for texts and Ring Central for calls, so all the texts can be seen by everyone unless they’re sent to your direct RC number, which we don’t give out unless it’s an absolutely necessary thing. When suddenly I get a pop up notification from RC that I got a text to my direct number. I couldn’t read the whole thing, but the words “fuck” and “husband” did stand out to me. I look at my coworkers and one of them has this shocked face and just mumbles “I saw that”. I finish helping the client I was with and then I immediately go to see the text. It says something like “did you fuck my husband [name] on [date]? And if so, what are your prices so we can rebook”. Now in this moment all the colors left my face. I have done online SW in the past, never anything in person but you know, I was terrified it was somehow someone who actually knew me from that lol I know it makes no sense really but it was the first thing that popped into my mind. Then a follow up text comes through, “I found you on [website]”. I didn’t get a chance to even process it when I got another call, so I pick up… “Hello, thank you for calling [company name], this is [name], how can I help you?” Then I hear this woman with a really sultry voice basically repeat what the text said. I just went “I’m sorry ma’am, this is an insurance company”, she laughed a bit and said “ok” kinda hesitantly. I just hung up. Then I looked up on my phone the name of the website and found out it was an escort site, so I looked up the name of it plus my direct number and found a profile of an escort who had my direct number plastered all over. She probably made a typo or something but yeah. I tried reporting it but for that I had to make an account on the website so nope lol… I just reported it to my boss and hoped no one else would call from that website. Thankfully no one has, maybe she realized her typo and corrected it who knows.

Anyways, I was mortified for a moment but so relieved knowing it wasn’t my own SW stuff coming up. Unfortunately that would get me fired on the spot.

What do you think?

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