made a mistake (more like miscommunication)

made a mistake at work

Ugh. I feel like a failure. I work customer service for retirement and I explained how to pay off his loan incorrectly and he sent it in wrong…..

So my manager teams calls me with my supervisor to my surprise randomly while waiting for another call.

They had us listen to it and I see what I did wrong… I just said yes to his question, but then explained how to actually do it, and he just went off of my yes.

I took 1260 calls last month between both inbound and outbound and I definitely understand mistakes happen. But I feel horrible about it because it appears to be a big deal to my bosses.

All we have to do is reissue his check and have him resend it the correct Way. And apparently that is so terrible and horrible even though I averaged 96% of qa, had 100% attendance complaince, and averaged the top 3 most calls per day in the center of 120 people last month. I guess I’m just a fuck up.

Edit : I have 4 days off now and should be chilling but this is what I’m thinking about at 2am…. FUCK THIS JOB

What do you think?

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Most issues people call about aren’t unique as they make them out to be.

my stats are too good now