Should I leave my call center?

Disclaimer: I have posted this elsewhere just to get the most advice possible

Know there’s probably 100s of posts like these but I’m just looking for some advice. Started working for this center about 4/5 months back. First time working for one and it’s not too bad. Company is good to me, very involved in employees lives in terms of things like competitions, incentives, bonuses. The one glaring issue I have though is that the center I work for is Irish based working on a campaign for an English company.

Like all centers we have a route to follow when it comes to abusive callers. Now I’m fine with general dickheadishness, end of the day you’re a voice in my ear. The one thing I can’t stand though is that I have to put up with so much discrimination from English people. Since a large factor of my job is dealing with payments and account management the second something doesn’t go right for some people they lash out and start digging in to me for being Irish. The other day I had 10 instances of this and I’m livid for the last 2 days since. Company has no way of protecting us from shit like this and no form of damage control.

A friend who works for a different center in Ireland for work based in the country told me positions are opening soon and I should apply. Roughly the same pay and from what she said a lot easier going than what I’m doing. Should I jump ship soon or wait out my probation in the chance my job could be better with progression?

What do you think?

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