This is not what I ordered, you must give me back my money.

I work for a delivery company, we do not sell any kind of goods whatsoever. This is apparently a very complicated concept to grasp for many people. I had a lady call telling me about her bra size because the one she ordered was too small and she wanted me to issue her a refund so she could buy one her size.
Today though a lady calls angrily and tells me that we have to send the driver back immediately because she did not receive what she ordered and the driver must give her back her money.
This is not possible for multiple safety reasons and I explained this to her, but clearly she was having none of it. You see, she had ordered shears and she had received a cabinet. She did not want the cabinet. She had opted for cash upon delivery and even after she had made sure that it was indeed a parcel addressed to her that she had not ordered she still paid almost 100 dollars and had brought the parcel inside her house. And what do you know? The cabinet shaped box indeed contained a cabinet and not a pair of shears.
She had ordered from a clearly scammy facebook group and after explaining again and again that we are sorry but now all she can do is call police and make a report on the scam. I asked, do you understand ma’am? She replied ‘I understand that you don’t want to help me!’ and hung up.

What do you think?

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