Angry man wants to blame anyone but himself for not being organised


I work in sales, I sell broadband and mobiles for 2 companies, one owns the other. In the UK nearly everyone’s broadband needs an engineer to come out and “switch it on” but there are some newer houses that have remote activation, but even then an engineer is involved. Nearly all of the UK broadband providers use a supplier called open reach, so it’s the same wait times.

Openreach also has a strike arranged next week, which I only know from the news, my company didn’t give us any update about this or what effect it’ll have on customers.

Had a customer call through, seemed angry from the start.

Cust: I need BB for a house I’m moving to

Me: okidokie I’ll look at what the options are, when do you in?

Cust: I’ve already moved in

Me: oh right, my mistake! So have you got any BB while you wait?

Cust: no but the previous owner has a (our company) box here so that’s why I called you

Me: no problem, so we can do a line take over since it’s already all installed

Went through prices, decided on a package he had already seen online, didn’t want to discuss any other options

Me: looks like you’ve got one of the fancy new techs where we can activate it remotely, we won’t know the activation date for sure till halfway through the order, but in my experience it’s just a couple days rather than the normal method which takes a couple weeks

Customer didn’t seem that happy about this. Then when the actual activation date came up, the earliest available was 3 weeks time. I was legit confused at first till I remembered about the strike.

Cust: you said it would be active tomorrow! You can go back through the call and see you told me tomorrow!

Me: I’m sorry about that, in my experience that’s what happens, I’ve genuinely never seen it be this long for this type of activation, it must be due to the strikes with openreach. It’s okay though we can add something on which will arrive within 2 days and your going to get 30mbs speeds which isn’t much lower than the 74mbs that your normal BB will be. It uses different tech so all you do is plug it in like a lamp. It’s £7 a month and then you just cancel it once the normal BB is all up and running

Cust: no you promised me!

At this point his wife (I assume) starts yelling about it too, and he keeps shouting back at her that he’s dealing with it

Me: I never promised, I said we wouldn’t know for sure till half way through the order

Cust: this is completely unacceptable, I came to you out of loyalty and you treat me like this, you’ve lied to me and now your trying to charge me more

Me: I understand that, it’s only £7 and I know you’ve been with us for mobile for a long time, so I can work something out so your compensated for that

Cust: cancel the whole thing! This is unacceptable, I’m going somewhere else, it’ll be cheaper anywhere else anyway

Me: okay that’s your choice, just to let you know other suppliers use the same engineers so the wait time will be the same, but they won’t have the option for the add on so you won’t have anything while you wait

This guy was a grown ass man, his date of birth was in the 80s, this can’t be the first time he’s set up BB. Get yourself organised, or if your disorganised (like me) don’t blame companies. We would have happily set the BB up for his move in date, but we aren’t fucking mind readers. Yelling or using loyalty doesn’t mean I can just pull an earlier activation date out of my arse.

His loss though! Him and the wife can continue screaming about their lack of BB for 3 weeks


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