Why do people argue over the silliest of things?

I work for a utility company in the US of A. A customer called in to see what he owes. He didn’t actually owe anything. In fact he even had a credit on the account of about $70.00 in which I told him as such.

He for some reason gets snippy with me and says “so you’re not gonna tell me how much I owe?”

Slightly annoyed and confused I repeat that he doesn’t owe anything. He then complains further saying “come on man I just want to pay my bill. Why can’t you tell me what the bill is?”

I pull up what the bill was and tell him “ok. The bill was $X, however we received a payment on xx/xx date of $X, which was much higher than what the bill was. So you still have a credit from that payment. That’ll be applied for the next bill.”

He finally gets it and says “ok, so I don’t owe anything?”

“Correct.” I reply.

He just hangs up after that. Why do some people have to make things more difficult for no reason? Why is it so hard to take people at their word? Do you just not have enough drama in your life?

What do you think?

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