Why are people so rude?

Had someone just call me and ask about a payment that had come out about a week prior. This installment was the last on his policy and so he was legally required to pay it. Asked why the payment had only just came out today, explained that we reserve and then deduct the payment, like you do when you order shopping online. So sometimes it comes out in a couple days. Then explained he would be receiving his refund within the next couple days as it was still getting processed. proceeded to then call me an ‘asshole’ (first red flag, thought I may have misheard so didn’t say anything) then he went on to ask why have I been paying insurance if his claim was back in January (this was initially a claim call) and that he had received no Courtsey car. Explain that the courtsey car is standard on his policy but is subject to availability so if his underwriter have not got one at the time they can’t provide a replacement car. Called me a ‘mf’(I hadn’t realised at the time, should have been red flag 2) then I explained because he didn’t pay for the guaranteed replacement car we couldn’t of given him one either. Wanted to complain to manager, said that the complaint had already be raised to customer relations(higher than manager) Then asked again why he’s paying insurance with us. Tried to then explain this whole thing again got called ‘Mf’ again, then warned him that I would terminate the call and that I was only trying to help, call me it again and then he hung up.

Not my problem if you don’t like what I’m saying. In any circumstance, their is no need to called anyone those things when they’re just trying to help you. what an asshat.

What do you think?

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The audacity of some callers

ANy of you guys have an alternative for “Ma’am”? Im getting chewed out CONSTANLY when using that…