The audacity of some callers


I work at a call center for a utility service.
There are times in which if it’s excessively hot or cold we don’t disconnect people’s power due to people needing power and to stay cool during the really hot days.

Though those times don’t last and once we put an end to the temporary grace period we get a ton of people who call in because they still didn’t pay their disconnection notices and they were finally disconnected. albeit a day or two later than when they were told.

So someone called in and started complaining about how she was shut off of power even though she got a notification that the disconnection delay was in place a couple days before. I had to explain that those are in place essentially day to day and it’s not an indefinite non disconnect hold. And if she was notified a couple days ago that her power was shut off for non payment then that would mean we didn’t have a hold on her account for today due to the heat.

She went off on me saying how it’s not right that we still shut her off. I had to just tell her that there’s nothing I could do and the best way to get the power back on is to pay her past due balance that’s now needed for reconnection. Then transferred her to the department that handles payments.

I wanted to ask her “it’s not right that you were given a couple of extra days to make a payment before your services were disconnected?”

But then of course she would have made a complaint and I would have got some feedback about being rude to customers.


What do you think?

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