When the caller tells you their life story when explaining their problem….

….and they give excessive and unnecessary details that won’t be helpful in the situation at all.

Like in reality, I just need a two sentence summary at most stating what’s happening and what they want to accomplish by calling.

But instead they babble for 3-5 minutes straight telling you a whole story that’s completely unnecessary.

On a side note, who else is tired of hearing callers tell us how long they’ve been on hold? Like, what do they want us to do about that? Do they think callers that have been on hold a long time get special treatment?

And on a side side note, how many of you get callers who think you’ve got WAY more power than you do. I LOVE it when they say “Well I think an exception should be made for me!” Because then I say “Well, I agree with you! But I don’t have the authority so I can’t :D”

Anyway my job isn’t bad but sometimes these cliches just get on my nerves lol

What do you think?

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I am going to start running a course entitled “how to use a telephone”.

I think I’m at my breaking point.