“The advertising lured me”

M is me and C is the customer.

Our company has 1 consolidated department (Customer Support) where we have knowledge base articles, tools, etc from when the company was split into multiple departments. There are specialty groups to reach out to, but they never communicate with the customer, only the CS team does.

I am a manager in the CS team and I receive a call in the manager queue.

M – Thank you for waiting, my name is im_mr_b, how can I help you today?

C – So you guys want to make it harder on the customer when they’re being mistreated?

M, confused – Can you please elaborate?

C – It’s just one department. When the agent is verbally abusing me, I have nowhere to go but you.

M – Would you be okay with me pulling up your details and see how we can best resolve this?

Account pulled up and verified. The agent did not verbally abuse the customer but told her she is not eligible for a return and refund after purchasing over 1,000 USD of products and waiting until after the return period ended. She says she wants to return the products because the advertising “lured her into purchasing them”.

Placed her on hold as I noted the account so there will be no kickback.

M – Ms. C, I’m afraid I will have to continue to deny your request for a return and refund as the return policy for these items has expired. I will send your feedback along to the advertising team. This decision cannot be reversed as we cannot even make a special exception in this case. May I help you with anything else?

C – Give me your name and ID.

Provided my first name and ID number.

C – I’ll be reporting you to the federal government for grand theft.

C hung up at this point. Upon having a speciality group review the case, C is no longer eligible to purchase from us due to suspected fraud as she made a large order another time, returned it after 10 days and received a full refund.

What do you think?

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