I can’t keep working here….

I can’t keep fucking working for this mortgage company, I can’t help my clients I can’t fix their issues I can’t keep being screamed at because I have no authority to help. I am tired of being the middle man between customers and our resolution (supervisor) team, who refuse to take the calls to help the customers… I’m tired of being cursed at, told I’m unhelpful, told I am a cunt or a bitch, I’m tired of death threats… I understand they are angry but I am a human too… I’m just trying to survive with what I’ve been given and it’s this shitty job…. I am the best at my job and in my team handling 500+ more calls then the rest of my team… my stats are all in the green and even my company treats me like shit… I’m tired of waiting hours for my supervisors help and approval for issues I need her approval for, I’m tired of calling her multiple times when I can’t reach her through Skype only to be sent to voicemail with no resolution. And I’m FUCKING TIRED of trying to get someone over to our resolution team when they tell me I’m unhelpful or under qualified or retarded…. Then being coached and getting in trouble from my company for having to get them over in the first place… I fucking hate it here… I fucking hate being told I suck… and I can’t fucking be here anymore… I wish I could just quit, but I barely make enough to sustain myself and what little money I had saved up was just used to save my dogs life…

What do you think?

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well I have finally did it

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