How many times can one person say communist in a call – 6, in this case.


I work complaints in a large call centre for a financial institution.

Now, I enjoy working complaints – people are honestly just stoked to be talking to someone who’ll try to fix their issue, and we don’t do live transfers so everything is case managed.

So when I had a case to call because the customer didn’t like the fees he was charged, I was a bit like – okay sweet, this is actually an easy one.

Guy opened the call full of rage, sounding like he’d been smoking a pack since the womb.

“What your company is doing is criminal, it’s Communist! Back when my mother was young we never had to deal with ‘lEgIsLaTiOnS’.”

Okay, not what I expected! Strong start!

I asked him a few questions, and knew that going through security would NOT make him happy. However – that’s policy baby, I’m not bending there.

I give him an out straight away and let him know that if he’s not comfortable, that’s fine! He can call us back to confirm that we’re legit.
This usually works and hey, I get it – I’m not giving out sensitive personal data either and the irony is never lost on me.

Again, not that easy.

“How dare you ask my details! Bet you wouldn’t give me your details, huh!” (He’s right)
“If I asked YOUR surname you wouldn’t tell me!” (Correct again)
“This is COMMIE shit, you’re a commie!” (Not quite but like, I guess we’re all commies next to you)
“Your industry is a False Flag Operation you know!” (I didn’t, cool info though)

This goes on a couple of minutes. I’m playing on my phone at this point and so looking forward to telling everyone about this conversation.

I’m hoping he’ll burn himself out and I can move him on to the next team (woohoo, outta scope!) when he goes quiet and says the following:

“If I were a guard at the gate, and you were running from enemies – I wouldn’t let you through. I’d let them shoot you.”

Consider me gobsmacked. I stop.
“Yeah, no I’m not comfortable with this anymore. I’m terminating the call.”

Now we don’t have defined rules on this – you gotta give them a chance when they swear, but saying that he’d let me get shot by (I’m assuming) the ‘commies’ of which he is protecting our failing country from had me more than a little disturbed.

Like how long did he hold that in his pocket for to give grief to some random call centre worker? Weird fantasy, dude.

He tells me as I go to hang up that I’m a “stupid bitch who’ll get what’s coming to her one day” which I’m assuming is being liberated of my life by the Reds.

And all this over the lowest amount of fees I’ve ever seen someone be charged on an account with us.

On a Monday at that, that’s Friday talk my man.


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