“OK Let me put my mom on.”


40-something- year old customer calls in wondering why he can’t use his credit card. I explain to him it’s because he’s gone over his limit.

“That’s ridiculous. I was over $50K a few months ago & it’s only at $20K now”.

I explain how the limit can be adjusted by the head of the account.

“Well I’m the president of the company & I was at $50K. This makes no sense.”

“I show you as a card holder on the account, but not as the head of the account.”

“You’re not answering my question. Why was I able to spend $50K last month.”

“The account owner can reallocate funds to certain cards. You may have had $50k last month, but I show you at $20 now & over that limit.

“Okay, let me put my mom on.”

Mom is understanding, allows me to change son’s limit on his card & even add him as someone that do this himself in the future. Why he wasted 5 minutes arguing about things done in the past is beyond me. It’s like he didn’t want me to know his mom was the account holder. Didn’t need to know how they were related.


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