Are creepy calls common?

I work in sales for a mobile and broadband company in the UK.

We get people call that are clearly wanking. Seems most common on the weekends if the call queue is quiet.

The same person will call through repeatedly too, so my team will put it in the chat to warn others to just hang up if the number rings.

Not sure if questions break the sub rules, so quick story/example:

Calls through as anonymous but it’s hiding a UK number. Man starts asking how I am instead of just getting to the point.

Is very vague about what he wants. Like we have hundreds of phones mate, at least tell me what brand?

Says “youve got a reaaaaallyyyy nice voice”

Lots of heavy breathing, just random compliments, then moans and hangs up.

Like if your gunna be a wanker at least buy something so I get paid for getting you off for fucks sake.

Edit: just to clarify, we get quite a few different wank callers. Usually once one starts they will keep doing it for the whole weekend, but it’s not the same one all the time.

What do you think?

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