if that’s how you really feel!

i work for a utility company. sometimes we have to go inside a home and do an inspection on the equipment. older gentleman calls in, very pleasant for the first two seconds and then all hell breaks out.

me: thank you for calling company, how can i help you?

old guy: yes i guess i need to schedule this inside inspection

m: okay i would be happy to help with scheduling that for you, can i ask who i’m speaking with and the address you’re calling about?

og: *name and address*

m: thank you sir, and for verification purposes could i please have your social security number? (normally we ask for the last 4 but he doesn’t have his social listed on his account at all)

og: no you cannot!

m: okay that’s not a problem, could you verify the amount of the last bill or the last payment made on the account?

og: no i can’t! i’m 90 some years old and the bill is upstairs and i’m not going up there to get it! all i want is to schedule this!

m: i do apologize sir, but for verification purposes i do either need your social security number, amount of last bill, or amount of last payment.

og: no! i’m not doing this! all i want is to schedule this inspection! you’re telling me you don’t want to do this inspection?

m: no sir, that’s not what i’m saying.

og: well then have someone competent call me and do it! you have my phone number, someone needs to call me and do it!

me: okay sir, is there anything else i can do to help today?

og: no! you can’t even do the simplest thing! bye!

i noted his account and then took myself off for 2 minutes to cry. this job is so overwhelming sometimes and i’m definitely not cut out for it. i can’t wait for him to get the termination notice that says if he doesn’t let us in we’ll shut him off.

What do you think?

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