That’s our CEO Ma’am

Many many moons ago I worked at an office supply company – think Jim from The Office.

When we had to do anything outside of the norm, us sales reps would have to run it by our boss who was the CEO.

Little things like free shipping, or adding on some free little gadget to appease the customer, shit like that. When we did, the CEO would put his name on the order.

So, I had to do something extra for the customer and ran it by the CEO.

On the invoice there was a section for notes and it read something to the tune of “ Free Shipping – MJawnP & Dick.”

I received a very angry phone call about the obscene, unprofessional, and derogatory language on the invoice.

When I showed her our website with the CEO’s name – Richard – she, much to my delight, bursted out laughing. She profusely apologized. Ironically, she became the absolute best customer ever.

What do you think?

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