“I’m not stupid!”


If you’ve seen my other posts then you know I work at a debt collection agency, and if you haven’t then you do now! But we got this call around 20 minutes ago and I just knew I had to share it with y’all, so without further ado:


NSL will be Not Stupid Lady (You’ll see why), CW: Co-worker, Me: Me


NSL calls in:

Me: “(Insert company name), this is McNuggeteer speaking. How can I help you?”

NSL: Hi, I’m trying to pay my bill from \*client\*, can you help me with that?”

Me: “Absolutely, do you have an account number?”

NSL” “Yeah, it’s \*\*\*\*\*\*\*”

Me: “Hmm, I’m afraid that account number does not correspond with the client you are trying to pay, can I have your name?”

NSL: “Actually it’s underneath my sons name”

Me: “Ok, the what is your sons name?”

NSL: “It’s ———–”

Me: “Hmm I’m afraid I’m not finding anything underneath that name. Is your son under the age of 18?”

NSL:” Yeah”

Me: “Ok, then that may be the problem. Legally minors can’t have debt so it could be under either you or a spouse. May I have your name?”

NSL: \*Now testy\* “I know minors can’t have debt! I’m not stupid! Why can’t you find it with the account number I gave you? It’s the one on the letter!”

Me: “I apologize ma’am, but I cannot see the letter in your hand. If you’d like to give me your name I can try to find it that way-”

NSL: “Actually is there anyone else I can talk to? Someone who preferably knows what they’re doing?!?”

Me: “Absolutely! One moment while I transfer you!”

\*Transfers her to the cubicle next to mine\*

///(note I can’t hear what the lady said now, but I’m gonna tell y’all what my co-worker said and that should say enough)///

CW: “(Insert company name), this is CW speaking, how can I help you?”


cw: “Yes Ma’am, do you have an account number?”


Cw: “Hmm that’s not matching anything in our system, are you sure that’s an (Insert company name) account number and not \*Client\*?


CW: No ma’am, we aren’t \*Client\*. We’re 2 separate companies


CW: No, ma’am we cannot see any bills unless they send it over to us.


CW: “Because as I’d stated before ma’am we are 2 separate companies. We don’t have access to anything they don’t give us. I suggest you contact them to take care of it.”


According to CW the debtor than hung up . So yeah, not stupid.


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