Working for a bank you hear the wildest things

Okay so idk why but I have been a magnet for strange billing disputes this week. Yesterday this lady calls in wanting to dispute a charge on her account. She had paid someone for a chihuahua puppy and the puppy died 3 days later. So I’m almost in tears myself listening to this poor woman tell me all the details and how her children are devastated and she hasn’t told them yet.

But today is that nastiest one I’ve heard yet. This elderly man was disputing a charge on his account for an exterminator. He was telling me how he still has bed bugs and the company had even offered to return and do another treatment but he “didn’t want anymore chemicals sprayed in his home” now for these disputes I have to ask certain questions so I ask him if he had any supporting documentation showing that the service was not as expected. And he proceeds to tell me HE HAS A JAR OF DEAD BED BUGS sitting on his dresser right now 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 I’m like oh wow okay sir …..

What do you think?

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