I need to vent

So this guy calls in lamenting that not all of his parcels have been delivered. I look at his shipment while he goes on triad about how we are incompetent. I say sorry sir, you are right the ‘missing’ parcels are all in pur warehouse, it was a mistake on the part of our driver we will be delivering tomorrow’. He ask why this happened and I explain that sometimes unfortunately it happens, but we will right the mistake and bring everything tomorrow. This is unacceptable! This should not have happened because he called someone that knew the driver and this person told him that he would talk to the driver and would right the mistake. This is not possible, pur drivers do not have this power, I explain this to him and this is also unacceptable! I am being rude because I don’t have a proper explanation as to why this happened.

I explain that it is a human mistake, no more no less, but that all the parcels are accounted for and we will be delivering tomorrow. Unacceptable! To him this is simply not true and I’m being rude and he wants to file a formal complaint because I cannot give him the answers he wants.

I am speechless. Why are people like this? what do they gain from this?

What do you think?

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