A funny call center story from a technical support agent

I was working for a major US telecom company doing tier two technical support for one of the major shipping companies(we’ll call it FudEx) that outsourced their technical support to us. I was doing my tier two support answering escalated calls from tier one agents and then I got this call. I figured out the problem and it turns out that I had to tell my female client that I was talking to that she had to reinstall the software and do a couple other little thing. We’re at the point where the software is installing and now we have about five minutes to kill. At this time I asked a simple question just to pass the time that I’ve asked about 100 times before. Other than this how’s your day going ?

She proceeds to tell me she was just working out this morning in the park wearing her pink spandex tights and sports bra. She also went to more detail about things that do not belong in a technical support call. She then commented, I gotta get this package to ship so I can go back to the park and finish my workout. She continues to informs me that she likes the attention that this gives her at the park showing off her assets. At this point I really don’t know what to say so I kinda just stay quiet and then let her know that we’ll get this fixed soon so she can get her package shipped and she can get back with the rest of her workout. We got the program fixed and she got her package shipped before the deadline. The best part is this is not where the story ends.

About a week later I get called into the manager’s office and he says to me we had a customer extremely happy with your service and they wrote in a letter to FudEx and they forward her compliment to us. Now the procedure for when a compliment comes in like this is to review the call. No sitting in the office is my immediate supervisor, their manager, and me. The three of us are listening to the call and now we get to the good part where she describes what she’s wearing and what she’s going to do, I had two stunned faces looking at me. The look of horror and shock disappeared as we finished listening to the call. They both look at me and the manager said well you actually did solve the problem quickly and were professional for the whole thing. Turns out she got me a $100 gift card and and some free company merchandise. Two weeks later the process repeated itself when FudEx came for their monthly visit. The representative from FudEx and one of our upper managers now listened to the call with me in the room. Once again stunned look of shock on people’s faces. They again commented on my professionalism and ability to handle the customer. I got a small thank you gift from them as well.

About six months later she called again and asked for my by name. When she got me she asked if I remembered her call. All I could say was YES!I I really do miss those strange phone calls that you get that you were not expecting.

Two things I’d like to say at the end.

I’d like to thank one of my favorite YouTube narrators who has cats named after currency. Also my spelling and grammar is horrible I know this. Remember this ain’t English class.

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