Time is money

Part of my job is selling broadband. Most customers only need one line (which provides the BB) to their house, but some houses have several.

Customer starts by ranting about how important his time is, that he spoke to another agent for 1.5 hours describing his very unique issue and she hasn’t called him back about it when she said she would.

Takes me 20-30 mins just to get this very unique issue out of him. Surprising no one, it’s not a unique issue at all, he just needs a second line to his house.

I say we can do it, no probs, recommended a £7 add on that’ll send out a router with unlimited data and uses the mobile network, arrives in 2 days so he doesn’t need to wait 2+ weeks for the installation. Customer spends a huge amount of time saying how he needs it urgently or he will loose his job etc but can’t afford the extra £7 per month.

I’m like mate you just cancel it as soon as the lines installed, you don’t get billed before that so it’s a once off £7 for weeks of broadband. He’s still having none of it. His loss, normal BB order it is then.

He spends even more time being indecisive about how long might take to install. Am like look if you delay buying it it’s gunna delay the install. Just order today and if you get fired then cancel it before it’s installed, costs nothing. Still messages his boss with the installation date and waits on him, even when I’ve said if we don’t book it now then the slot will get taken. Ive legit had that happen from spending a couple mins on the booking page.

I have to ask if they want me to read out the full terms and conditions or if they’d rather read them via email. Of course this guy is the first person I’ve had to who want them read out loud.

Also wants my full name and a “reference number” since he’s given me his bank details lol. Like wtf am I gunna do with your sort code and account number other than send you money?

It takes a full hour and 45 minutes in total, not including the hour and a half with the other agent. I bet that agent intentionally didn’t call him back.

Edit: forgot to add for context, call after him ordered the same thing and it took 22 mins from start to finish. Plus they actually had a weird issue with their address, so this was the 4th order attempt.

What do you think?

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