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Hello again, dear colleagues and readers.

I have updates about my previous post where I resigned [here](

As I sent my resignation in the evening yesterday, I’ve also sent my updated CV to a couple competitor companies hiring department. I’ve been called in the morning by the bigger one (was not expecting to be that fast) to schedule a remote job interview, that’s due tomorrow (day off at my actual job). While working, I received an e-mail from the smaller one, asking for a telephone number… that was clearly on my CV and in my mail signature (and this is already a yellow flag to me). I couldn’t resist and I replied that, since they couldn’t find my phone number on my CV and in my mail signature, I shouldn’t consider them as my future workplace, as the first impression has been the worse they could ever give me. Anyway…

In the meantime, and that’s huge… the “big boss” (the superior of my superior, not the real chief of the company) that everyone knew by name only and not in person, sent me an email that I read when I started working. He asked for a personal meeting with me at the end of my shift today, during which he told me that he was very surprised of my resignation: he was planning to promote me in june because of my stats, the announcement should have been done after easter. He had a chat with all the other supervisors during the day to have a clear situation of what happened. All of them confirmed what I wrote him.

My mean former superior, that comes out was expected to take a higher place soon, has seen his contract immediately terminated few hours before our meeting. So… I’ve been offered his position and the big boss (that is now becoming my new direct superior) will stay where he is now for a little more – he was supposed to move to another bigger department, still in the same position.

I also discovered that the client (not the company I work directly for but the one we are “lended” and we take calls for, for the ones not accustomed on how CS works) knows my name, my statistics, my test results… basically they’re spying my work life since day one (because of my 100% score at assessment test). And that’s a HUGE multinational company that I’m also a customer of (that helped me a lot during the assessment). To be honest, I was a bit freaking out for happiness when I was told this.

There are some perks, beside the higher salary and the food stamps: all my unpaid over-overtime during last year (we’re not allowed to add more than 2 hours per day, 6 per week, 20 per month) will be paid me anyway since, his words, “I deserve to be paid properly for a properly done job” – and that was a whopping count of 319 hours that HR (not me because I was not expecting to be paid, HR!) made, at 150% pph-rate, they’ll find a way; my contract, starting from june, will switch from fixed-term to permanent (this means 2 extra paid vacation-days per year, a bit less of taxes taken from my paycheck, health insurance with dental included); I can work whenever and wherever I prefer (as long as I do 8 hours per day 5 days a week, I can log in between 8AM and 11AM, and I can work from home or from office as I prefer – but for the moment will be remote work only); and I’ll have my own private office with my own private desk for me and me only and I’ll work in a noiseless space (this when back there).
I was not expecting all this but, let’s face the truth, I worked hard and well and committed… so I deserve every single benefit now.

I’ll have to undergo two weeks of intensive training for the new role, for this I’ve been given two extra days off this week before its start, next Monday.
And I’ll have to return to Greece as soon as possible, because I should not be supposed to work in my new position from another country like I’m doing now (I’m in Italy).

I’m happy that the company didn’t let *that person* behave that way unpunished. He was a detestable person anyway, no supervisor liked him. We may throw a party to celebrate.

My only concern now is about my team: I hope the skilled advisors will be able to support the basic advisors (can’t use level names or you’ll identify the company) until a new supervisor will take my spot, and I will be the one that will train him. I have a couple names in my mind but they need approval. Oh gosh, I wish I had a bit more time with them…

There’s a chain of events and role-swapping in my department that this thing started that goes beyond my knowledge at the moment. For now, I’m content to still have a job.

I’ll attend the other job interview anyway, no time to cancel with proper forewarning and, well, I’m very curious about their offer too.

I went to bed scared about my future. For once, life hasn’t been a b*ea*ch.

Thank you again for reading. I guessed that, after that sad post, you deserved this happy-ending update.

What do you think?

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