Names I’ve been called


I’ve worked in several call centers throughout my adult life. From the airlines, to banking, to high profile chauffeur services. The thing that always makes me either roll my eyes or giggle the most is the names they call me.

For example, my name is Stephanie, I’ve been called several variations and other names that sound similar, which is understandable. Sometimes it’s not that clear over the phone.

Early in my call center experience, I’d correct the caller. As time went on, I no longer cared. Haha. I just went along with whatever they called me. Here are a few examples of the names I’ve been called.

Bethany, Tiffany, Brenda, Debra, Samantha, Jennifer, Susan, Shannon, Jessica, Stephy, Stepher, STEVEN?!,

My favorite? Daponey. Yes. DAPONEY. In fact, the caller said, “Did you say Daponey?” I replied, “Yup!” (I no longer cared to correct anyone and just wanted to finish the call) He then asked me how to spell it because it was an interesting name. Without skipping a beat I rattled off D A P O N E Y.

After that, I became known as Daponey at work from my co-workers. It was hilarious.


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