When you call in because you’re confused actually let us answer your questions

I work for a utility company taking calls to do a wide array of things. Some of them being helping people set up accounts at new addresses when they move, close out past accounts after they move away, help answer questions, etc.

The latter task can be rather simple a lot of the time. However every once in a while people call in and are just pissed off about something and wants answers as to how that came to pass. In which we are glad to help explain things to you so that you can understand. However when people are mad they love to interrupt us, refute what we are saying, and argue. Some People just don’t like to let us give us the answer when it’s explained that it’s their responsibility.

Yes while it is true that no company bats a thousand and there are genuine mistakes that we would love to correct for you though most of the time what you’re calling about most likely was brought upon by you in regards to your bill.

Though no matter what answers we give people don’t care. If what you’re saying isn’t “oh so sorry Mr. / Mrs. smith let us wipe away all the debt you owe us now.” People aren’t all willing to accept the answer.

We just wish that people would be more open minded and own up to things from time to time.

What do you think?

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