Who are these strange men??

I work at an answering service and we had a HUGE snow storm recently so we were absolutely slammed with HVAC, power outage, and snow removal calls over many many accounts.

In the middle of this hellish day, I get a call from a tenant at a condo management company we answer for and she says that there are two strange men walking around in the snow with shovels and a machine that sprays pellets and she wants to know who the hell they are, walking around her neighborhood like that. I tried to explain to her that it is the snow removal crew shoveling and salting the sidewalks but she won’t have it.

“I’ve never seen them before! Page the supervisor immediately! They don’t belong here!”

I’m not sure if she was a person suffering with mental health issues or one of the myriad entitled condo dwellers who insist it’s a maintenance emergency every time they call, even if it’s just the fact that they saw a kid on a skateboard in the neighborhood. Nevertheless, she screamed and ranted for so long that I eventually had to disconnect the call to answer one of the other bajillions of calls waiting to be picked up.

I’d love to know what she later thought of the fact that those men left and the sidewalks were magically clean and salted.

What do you think?

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