“What do you mean you’re sold out? How are you getting paid if there is nothing to sell??”

I work for a young Tech Company of Smart Home Appliances. We have recently introduced new Products, however due to the Chip Shortage we don’t have them constantly available and release them in small batches. Customers can get notified when the Product is back on Stock if they wish or they can check the website every so often. The Notification is sent in the order in which Customers have applied for it and only to as many Customers as there are Products. The Products are not reserved so if you’re too late to order some one who has checked the website in the meantime could’ve ordered the Product already and you might see the “SOLD OUT” mark on the website. So They gotta hurry up.

This is all stated on various places of our website. Not that Customers care or read or have basic comprehensive skills to understand, but it is clearly stated.

My Job is normally Technical support but as we’re a small company with not so many Agents, there is only one Queue and all types of calls are answered.

Cue to the call:

CM- hi, I would like to purchase the new Product.

Me- hi sir, unfortunately it is currently sold out. You can get notified when it is back if you like.

CM- I did that already, when I was notified it was already sold out. Not doing that again.

Me- sorry to hear that sir, as explained on the website, the E-Mails are sent in order of Application. It might be that some one had checked the website before you could order. you can also check every so often yourself, to make sure you dont miss it next time.

CM- now that’s some bullshit. Whatever, I just checked your website, there is nothing I can buy. The other one is also sold out. And Why cant I preorder

Me- yes sir, we are currently between batches. Unfortunately we don’t have the option of Preordering.

CM- how the f* are you making money if you cant sell anything. What do you mean no preorders. This is ridiculous. This company wont stay afloat like this. You should get yourself a better job, how are you even getting paid.

Me- I’m sorry sir, I am not in charge of Company Policies. So I won’t be able to answer you question in this regard. Also I’m very satisfied with my Job as “Technical” Support Agent and I find the way you talk to me very inappropriate. So I would ask you to not talk about my loan.

CM- yeah yeah, well it is bullshit that you have nothing on stock. Your customers will just buy a similar product from a different company like this.

Me- well, I am in no position to tell you what to do, if you would like to purchase a similar product somewhere else, then of course you are free to do so.

CM- how can you even suggest this to your Customer!? Do you even hear yourself? How the f did they even hire you when you won’t even try to keep me as a CM.

Me- Sir, like I said, I’m in no Position to tell you what to do. It is your choice to wait or to purchase a different Product somewhere. Just like our Loyal customers who choose to wait for their Product.

CM- this is all ridiculous, what kind of answers are these. You’re supposed to tell me why I should wait. Or tell me how long I’m supposed to wait.

Me: sir I dont have a clear availability date. As I am obviously also not able to magically summon a new batch that you can purchase, I dont know how else to help you.

CM- Yeah just dont. You’ll lose that job if you work like that. And you’re company is going bankrupt anyway.

-beep beep beep-

Thank god he hung up at this point. We are allowed to request a caller ban from our Team Lead, but this guy had hidden his caller ID and had declined the call recording. So there was no way to track him to an account and block him from reaching us. Hope he takes his business elsewhere.

What do you think?

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