9 years, 25 days, 60,000+ calls

Tomorrow, Feb 1, 2022 is my last day ever. I was fortunate to have a “better” (as far as pay and benefits go) call center job, working in a claims area.

I am leaving to focus on my passions, and pseudo-retire. It will be a real joy to spend more time on the family and with friends, and work on house chores more. I have a few side businesses that I will spend some more time on also.

I don’t really have a purpose of this post beyond just to tell my fellow reps that there is, sometimes, a light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there and do your best! But I am departing the profession forever. See ya!

What do you think?

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“What do you mean you’re sold out? How are you getting paid if there is nothing to sell??”

Have had three people today telling me their email password