Oh the things we wish we could say to customers

I work in a call center that helps answer questions about people’s electric power that they have. Mostly calls regarding why their bill is so high, or that they can’t pay until a certain date, or even as basic that they need to set up service at a new address. Many things can be easily done or answered with a simple explanation. Other times customers just feel like arguing and won’t accept the answers that you give them.

Recently I had a call where a customer was angry that he got disconnected and has no electricity. He wanted to know why. In which I explained the reason is due to he is past due by $xx amount and if he pays that then we can get it reconnected promptly for him. He asked why he didn’t receive a disconnection notice. In which this is a common question that we get in this case.

I checked his account and history to verify. Come to find out for the last 6 months he’s been up for disconnection and every time we sent a notice out to inform him. In which he’s only paid just enough to avoid being shut off. Which I point out we did send one out, he should either contact his local postal service about not receiving mail or we could send him notices in the future with an email If he wanted to add one he used to his account he has with us. More arguing ensued to the effect of him trying to get out of paying anything to get his power turned back on.

I know we are to be honest with customers but not too blunt. We are always guided to stay as courteous as possible. I just wish that I could call customers out and in this instance say “sir you’ve been sent notices that you’re being disconnected for six months now and you only paid the bare minimum, why are you surprised we did so when you missed this payment in time?”

What do you think?

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