How do you deal with rail-roaders?

Before every call, I need to verify some information.

1. Is the caller happy to give us their info, or do they want to be anonymous?
2. If anonymous, are they a member of the ATSI community (aboriginal or Torres Straight Islands), and what is their post code?
3. If not anonymous, what is your Name, DOB, ATSI and Post Code?

If you just wait and listen, I promise you I will get to your enquiry in a maximum of 50 seconds.

But Rail-Roaders, my gosh. Before I can finish saying “Thanks for calling the … hotline”, they interrupt with this shit:

“Hi just a simple questions…..” and on and on they go without leaving me a polite way to reel them in.

I think that they think that they will make the call quicker and easier by front-loading their enquiry. God, I wish I could stop them and tell them they’re wrong.

I try to interrupt them by saying “Before we begin, I have to ask you a few questions.”

What’s your technique?

What do you think?

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