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Hi all! Hope you’re all doing well, had a good New Years and Christmas/holiday season. I recently joined this sub, and after reading the various posts, wanted to share my own tale, and to sort of get this memory out of my head. Please let me know if there is a more suitable sub I should post this in!

Now, I will start by giving a little backstory. I live in the UK, and the below tale takes place in 2019/2020. For just under a year, I worked at a debt collection agency – and this was a job that I grew to despise (happy to say I am now at a job I enjoy much more!), and whilst I didn’t actually work in a call centre, our floor of the building did have one; majority of the floors were another company, with the company I worked for being on just one floor.

So, onto the story: a few months after I began working at this company, my team manager gave me a new task, in which I had to contact users who had overpaid. Basically, sometimes our customers would pay us more for their final payment (to close their account) than they needed to, and I had to find their account details so we could refund the overpaid money.

I hated doing this. For starters, I had to make sure all my daily tasks were complete, which meant I wouldn’t get started on contacting customers until nearly the end of my work day, which resulted in me having to work overtime. I’m not the most confident at the best of times, and whilst I got used to speaking to people on the phone, it still made me somewhat anxious having to call up these customers.

Now, I always had a little script prepared, and if a number went to voicemail, I was fine – I’d just leave a message and then move onto the next customer. But when they’d pick up, that was a different story.

I would like to say that some of the customers I spoke to were very nice, they understood why I was contacting them and were able to give me the information I needed (this being their account details and going through security to ensure I was talking to the correct person). However, most of the customers who would answer were older, so I had to explain multiple times what I needed from them, and absolutely hated when I had to ask them to spell something out because I couldn’t hear them properly, so I would spend longer talking to them. I had to consult my team leader a few times because I wasn’t sure how to respond to a question asked by a customer, and even had a few people hang up on me because they didn’t want to speak to me or continue the conversation.

I can fully appreciate my above tale wasn’t necessarily about working in a call centre, however it’s the closest I’ve ever come to working in that kind of environment so figured I’d share the story anyhow. Kudos to everyone who does this as their actual job, I don’t know how you do it!

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