Cancel my booking or I’ll come to your hotel and infect everyone

Second last call of my shift today. Woman calls up to cancel a reservation at one of our hotels in Atlanta as she’s tested positive for covid. I look up her reservation. It’s a Booking. com reservation so I politely inform her that she needs to cancel her reservation through Booking. com as well. She loses her mind and starts yelling that if I don’t cancel it she’s “going to come to your fucking hotel and infect everyone “. I grit my teeth and calmly inform her that deliberately spreading a potentially fatal disease is a crime and, on top of having all her details from the reservation, this call is recorded. She ends with a vaguely threatening “I’ll see you soon sugar” and hangs up,

Literally all she had to do was go onto their website and cancel the reservation which would have taken about 2 mins. Wtaf is wrong with some people

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She couldn’t understand why her CC wasn’t activated.

just a little something I wanted to share