Getting 32 Calls from a bored guy on a saturday

Buckleup, it’s a long one.

I woke an inbound center that helps people sell their cars, and though advertise sometimes as a place to sell \*working\* cars, we’re really meant as an alternative to towing a junk car. Boring, but it pays.

Well, we don’t take down any information (in retrospect, my company is a total boomerfest and they have no idea what they’re doing, but whatever), like phone numbers, etc. This one guy, who I’m going to ahead and assume tried to sell a pristine car with us and got a bum deal, decided to spend all Saturday night a week or so back, calling us over and over again. I got him first. Here’s an abridged version of our convo.

Guy: Yeah, I’d like to sell a car, man, my grandpa just died and I want to sell the old piece of s\*it’s car, haha!

Me: Ooookay, can I get the year make and model for the vehicle?

G: \*Really expensive, old, and pristine car\*

M: \*in head\* Okay he’s gonna be pissed when he gets an offer but whatever do my job.

I go through the process and eventually get to interior questions.

M: Alright, and is there any mold/mildew in the car, sir-

G: Nah, but you have to wear a mask.

\*audible confusion follows\*

M: Um, okay and-

G: Yeah my grandpa died of lung cancer, so you’d have to wear a mask so you don’t catch that shit.

I should have known by now that this was bait, but I proceeded to let him know that cancer can’t be passed on because he wouldn’t let me continue past that.

G: Well why the fuck we been wearing masks for the last 2 years then?

M: Probably because of Covid, sir.

G: What the fuck is Covid? Sounds like a disease only pussies catch.

Proceeds to insult and insinuate I’m a coward/pussy for being “afraid” of covid, then follows up later by saying I’m an asshole for not wearing my mask in my own home around my family. Basically just trying to waste my time and fuck with me. Would have found it funny if I wasn’t on the clock.

Proceeds to get more belligerent, yada yada yada, eventually I let him know that if he can’t be respectful I’d have to hang up. Last thing I hear is “this goat f\*cker just said he was gonna hang up on me!” (he was insinuating I was a foreigner, he said multiple other derogatory remarks about heritage lol

And then I promptly hung up. He called the center 36 times that night, and I’m sure he got every single one of us in the Center since it was only a couple of working late saturday night. He got me a couple more times right after that call and he proceeded to try to bait with stuff like “I fucked your mother in the back of my car” etc etc, boring and not creative, just tedious.

Eventually he got one of my coworkers, a black lady named Kiana, and she assumed he was “one of my friends” because she called me on my break (I went on it to avoid him getting me again, as I figured he was hanging up on everyone else to get me again and I found out later that was very much the case lol) to tell me he had asked her to pass “a message” along that was him saying my mom should “Get checked, cause I didn’t wrap it the night I blew her fat ass out” and I clarified that nah, he wasn’t one of my friends just a bored dude on saturday. Told her to ignore it and hang up. He called more, obviously. It got to the point that multiple people were complaining about him and how he was preventing us from getting to actual callers. Eventually my supervisor asks me (since he seems so interested in me ig) to keep him on the line so she can try to pull his number and block it. My supervisor sits on the line as this goes on and on trying to bait me again and again, saying more stuff about my family, and eventually he lets slip that he got burnt on a deal with us and he thought we were a bunch of scammers. His evidence was (frustratingly, he wasn’t exactly wrong..) that we hadn’t blocked his number yet. He also implied I fucked horses for some reason.

Long story short, supervisor couldn’t block the number, and after that I literally would just sit on the line dead silent. Funniest moment is when the guy called and I wouldn’t say a word and eventually he went “Zooooorrrliiiin (not my real name obv but yet get it) I know you’re theeeeeeeeeeeereeeee” and eventually he said “well shit maybe they did block my number” and he hung up. Didn’t stop there. He got my muslim coworker and proceeded to make enough racist and bigoted comments towards him it’d make a KKK member blush. I pushed through the night and managed to clock out with sanity intact, and had a good laugh with my family and friends about it. Never did block him though, and I wonder if I’ll see him again on one of these upcoming saturdays, or if he had enough fun, or if my Supes’ supes’ did their jobs and blocked him lol.

What do you think?

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