Saturdays are not fun because we work with a skeleton crew and we are limited with what we can do.

I get this man who is elderly & his wife is discharging the hospital with cancer. I TOTALLY get them being anxious but this was straight up ridiculous.

First I get an email the branch doesn’t have their formula and no substitute. Ok cool I’ll let the patient know I’ll ship it. Within minutes I get another email that the patient’s husband has called in about the formula. Ok I got this. Easy peasy.


I called him back and the formula was the LEAST of his issues.
The first 15 minutes of the call was him talking about how his wife is in the hospital with cancer & the entire situation for the last 4 days. He tells me a supervisor confirmed the IV pole being delivered has wheels. He MUST have wheels because his wife is on a 16 hour feed and needs to be mobile.
I’ve not spoken with the branch yet because I needed to make sure the patient understood the formula situation. I had no idea about the IV pole. I let him know I had not called but I am familiar with that supervisor and if she said she called I’m confirmed it, I would assume the information accurate.

That was not good enough. We can’t assume he says. We MUST know if the IV pole has wheels or not. I check out what number was used on the ticket and look in our products. The one I know of with wheels is on manufacturer back order, but our satellite branches order from a different distributor than what we use for shipping patient orders so I have no idea what they actually have (it might be one with wheels, it might not, the order number we use is just a general IV pole).
He goes on another rant about how he’s losing faith in the company because no one can answer a simple question about wheels. Homes, I’m in my PJs in front of a computer. I have no idea.
He then says he wants to talk to the person packing the truck. Sir you can’t do that. We are a skeleton crew and only have one person packing and working from an internal on call number. Well he must talk to someone cuz he needs to know exactly what’s going. So I list the items based on the ticket. We get to the IV pole and here we start with the wheels situation again.
Bear in mind, we supply a carrying case for the bag that you put the pump and pump bag in and just wag the thing around wherever. No pole needed. I keep going round and round with this guy.

The patient herself gets on the phone and talks smack about how we should be able to answer a simple question about wheels. I repeat what I told the spouse: local branch doesn’t have formula, it’s shipping from the distributor Monday, I have not spoken with the branch yet because I needed to talk to them first about the formula issue, so I need to end the call so that I can call the branch in a timely fashion to confirm the wheel situation.

She goes off on a tangent about how the hospital liaison was rude and yelled at her husband over the IV pole (at this point I’m understanding why) so I let her know that we have limited staff so any customer complaints happen on Monday. I advice the call is now at 24 minutes and I still need to call the branch. She hands the phone back to her husband.

Now he wants me to EMAIL a list of what he is getting today. I get his email and continue to assure I will email this. Now my dog is barking because my breakfast delivery made it so I apologize for noise and dude puts me on hold.
He finally returns and I repeat again I need to disconnect this call to call the branch. He finally conceded after getting my name, direct number, and 30 minutes on the call.

Wendy’s didn’t put enough creamer in my large coffee for this crap today. It’s gross.


As for the lady who yelled at them-I mentioned I understand why, but it shouldn’t have happened. I assure you all I did not. I speak with a low tone and assertively not aggressively speak when I let them know hey this is what I have got to do.

I’ve spoken with the husband since, voluntarily re-gone through everything with him to ensure he understands what is being delivered, and confirmed the pole has wheels.

He is satisfied and I am THRILLED to the point I can die happy (not sarcasm, it legit makes me nearly tearful to get cases like this settled)
I just hope I never talk to this man again.

Update #2

The patient’s sps has called me twice now. The first time I was busy with another patient. Second time I was on the phone with HIS WIFE’s NURSE at the hospital.

They are running those poor nurses ragged. I promised him that I’d call the local branch and check in when delivery is.
When I made update 1 they were waiting on the courier service to pick up the delivery.

Lo and behold the courier service STILL hasn’t picked it up. Shoot me.
So I made him VERY AWARE that this guy is epic and they HAVE to call this patient as soon as they get that package.

Update #3
I think me and this nurse gonna cry together.
Nurse tells him what I told the nurse. He wants tracking on the UPS shipment that’s not shipping until Monday.
I told the nurse that I told him twice tracking will not be available until Monday at the earliest because our DC is closed and UPS usually needs 24 hours to update on their site. But I promised that I coded it for NDA. Dude lives in a one day ship. Idgaf. I still coded it. Company can pay a lil extra for mine and that nurses sanity.

Update #4
It’s been maybe 5-10 min since the hospital nurse called and the spouse called in and got customer service. Y’all I have 50 minutes left of my shift. I’m gonna lose it before then.

What do you think?

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