Annoyed to the highest point

I’m so annoyed at the moment. The way my work treat people at the moment is beyond shocking. They only care about things that affect the stats or them as managers.

I was made a support agent for the campaign I do. Meaning I answer the questions other agents have when they are stuck. I enjoyed doing it and it challenged me. However, they moved me to another campaign that I did in the past. I was advised that this would only be for 3-4 weeks. Which it was just over this time but when I was moved back to the primary campaign I was no longer on the support list but still had access to all this information and chat etc.

I never mentioned anything to see how long it took them to actually speak to me about what is going on. Then all of a sudden I have been removed from the chat with that team and no longer get the notifications when questions are asked.

It’s not the fact I’m no longer on the support team it’s more the point that they did not have the decency to have a conversation to say that my services are no longer required.

This of course is just a small part of what annoyances I am feeling. I know some people may find this a very small issue and I know myself they are small and it shouldn’t annoy me but it simply does

What do you think?

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