You never forget your first Y jack

So I worked in customer service back in 2011. I was fresh out of college and was just trying to get more job experience under my belt. I was assigned to AT&T Pay as You Go and finished training with no issues. On the first week on the call floor, our transition trainer will let our product trainer roam around and do a Y jack, where they listen in on what the customer was saying to gauge how we respond.

So the call I got, this guy was having issues with using a prepaid card to replenish his minutes and he kept getting an error that the card information he was using was wrong. So I volunteered to manually input the numbers into the system from my end. He gave me the numbers and I put them in, I got an error. I explained this to the customer, and read back all the information he gave me (I read it back to him the first time he gave it) which would make this the third time of him dictating the card information. My product trainer told me to mute and then she told me I could use a tool to check if the card numbers he gave me were in the system, which was great. So I load up the tool, I put in all the numbers he gave me, read it back to him one more time just to be thorough and then the tool said that the card number doesn’t exist.

He was confused so I told him about the tool I’m using and what it’s for. And then calmly, I told him, “I’m sorry to inform you sir that the card number doesn’t show up in our records.” To which, he replied, “Do you have a record of me fucking your mom?!” and then he hung up. My trainer had the surprised Pikachu face for a solid 10 seconds while I was boiling inside. I tried to calm down as my product trainer said “I can’t believe he just said that.” She felt really bad for me as she could tell that really upset me. I got another call after that which went swimmingly but to this day, that Y jack call is burned into my memory and reminds me how much people can be assholes to people who weren’t part of the problem.

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