Since I now WFH, I will post a story per day. Today’s “Brick Wall of the Day” goes to… “did-not-receive-refund” guy!


**Note: This is in chat — I’m tech and billing support.**

**Me:** Since refund is approved, funds are restored to the payment method used for the purchase. In this case, it’s card so it’s up to 30 days to appear on the billing statement. This is an estimated time frame. The refund might appear on the account sooner. Source: *(a page in our website where it literally says this).*

**Cx:** I already did all that. I did not get refunded my money.

(Dead giveaway they didn’t read what I said, because I didn’t ask them to do anything.)

**Me:** To clarify: you do not need to do anything more. The refund has already been approved. It would just need to be processed first before it is returned to your card.

**Me:** That’s the one that could take up to 30 days.

**Cx:** 30 days??? Did y’all take 30 days when y’all took my money off my card ??

**Me:** Generally speaking, it’s best to consider processing times with online payments including refunds. It’s not always instant.

**Me:** Our system and your bank’s would need to review the transaction before it’s completed

**Cx:** So it take 30 days to review it huh ??

**Me:** It’s already reviewed and the refund approved. Bank processing times may vary from here and the ball is in the court of your bank now for them to process that refund back to your card.

**Me:** I get where you’re coming from. Please note the reason why you were charged was because of a subscription renewal.

(That was in response to them implying “we” took money off their card. Technically we did, but not in the way they seemed to be implying here. Y’all know the blame game with these customers.)

**Me:** Subscriptions would renew unless it’s cancelled specifically. Uninstalling the app or not using its services would not auto-cancel it.

**Me:** All transactions through us are initiated by our customers.

**Cx:** Ok thanks for not helping

(An image of a child throwing tantrums come to mind.)

**Me:** Our Support team can only explain the procedures and processes as well as set proper expectations on how things work, with your best interest in mind while staying in the realm of possibility of what we can actually do.

**Me:** I understand you would like it expedited, but we have no control over the processing times of your bank.

(He stopped responding at this point and the chat timed out.)

**Edit:** Logged in today. The motherfucker left a bad survey (0/5) with no other comment. Fuck it, I’ll get his email later and let my spambot do the rest.


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